Custom Design

Here at J. Bacher Fine Jewelry, we want you to have a one of a kind piece, not one that everyone else is wearing. There's no use to just have your jewelry sitting in a jewelry box hidden away, it should be worn. We can start from scratch or redesign the jewelry you already own. We have catalogs you may browse through, state of the art CounterSketch Studio design software to help you design your own masterpiece or simply draw it out and assemble it by hand. The options are nearly limitless. And because your design should be just that, your's, we will not remake the same custom design for someone else. So, your's will be the only one of that kind. Please feel free to send us an email, give us a call or stop in anytime you'd like and we can sit down and start making your dream jewelry today. Anything is possible and the possibilites are endless.

Your ideas brought to life by high-tech manufacturing creates a custom work of art.